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Reviews - Briar Point

All our reviews for Briar Point from the past eleven years are listed below.  Briar Point was not on the rental market for the 2016 and 2017 seasons during which time we renovated the property.  We have included a sampling of ten photos of the actual guest book reviews.  Specific requests for additional photos will be sent upon request (please provide the heading).

Vacationer submitted reviews can be verified though the web site name given (i.e.,,,

Photos of some of the cards we have received will not be provided.  Our mature guests without computers have requested that they be kept private since some personal comments have been deleted before posting.

Verification of the emails we have received, unfortunately, is not possible.

Sit back, relax and read about how others have become believers in the Briar Point way of life.

Your Hosts,

Christopher and Luima Frey

Pristine View and Flawless Property

8/1-8/8/14. Vacationer submitted to (Note: vacationer requested names be included for this web site). We just completed our 4th visit to Briar Point, and for more reasons that could fit in this review, highly recommend that you experience what we have been privileged to enjoy over the past several years. What makes Briar Point so special is that it is not just a “rental”. It is a very beautiful home, meticulously cared for by the owners, Chris and Luima Frey, and they graciously allow us to use it as our home when we visit the Cape.

The property is immaculate, inside and out. We first visited in 2009, and the level of care continues to be perfect. The Freys are constantly upgrading the amenities for our convenience. The kitchen this year has a new dishwasher and refrigerator, with a new washer and dryer in the laundry area; all are top of the line appliances. Last year the garage area was magically turned into a children’s play area, complete with a large flat screen tv. Then there is the 60″ tv and Bose sound system in the great room.

This home is located in a very nice, quiet, residential area and is minutes from restaurants, stores, and our favorite place, Nauset beach. One of the nicest additions for your enjoyment is the pool, which is a perfect stopping place when you return from the beach. We could go on, but the pictures speak louder. Enjoy your virual tour of this unique property and give it a try. When you open the door and see the beautiful flower arrangements Luima has placed throughout the house, you’ll know you have chosen the right vacation home for you. Other than that, we’ll just let you see for yourself what surprises the Freys have for you.

Now, we realize that a review of this nature may very well prompt people to visit Briar Point, and that visit may preclude us from being able to spend another week in paradise. But there is something about Briar Point that compels us to share its goodness with everyone; it definately brings out the better, “sharing”, angels of our nature. We could not do otherwise. It’s that good.

A Lovely Week

Don and Barb 8/1-8/8/14. Email. Chris and Luima- I wish to once again thank you and Luima for such a lovely week. Even when the weather doesn’t cooperate the wonderful thing about Briar Point is that you hardly notice. We had a great time and we’re already working on next year. Our time at Briar Point is one the grandchildren are now calling our family “tradition”. We especially thank you for the absolutely delicious clam chowder. And of course we contunue to marvel at the physical upgrades you are always making at Briar Point. We want you to know that those improvements are much appreciated as they ultimately add to the value and make our stay more pleasurable. Barb adds that we hope you also realize that the flowers that greet us are more beautiful each year. We enjoy them all week long. I will soon go online and post yet another glowing review of our stay at Briar Point….how could we do otherwise? Every word we write about Briar Point is well deserved. You’ve worked hard on this property and it shows!

Our Tradition

8/1-8/8/14. Card. Chris & Luima- Once again, Briar Point showed why it is the only home we think of whenever we plan a family get together. It furnishes all we need to reaquaint with one another, to share our lives once more and to make those memories we shall cherish years down the road. It keeps all the “cousins” in each others lives and they so look forward to returning here. It is, as Eve said, our “tradition”- and that is so important. Thanks for everything you’ve done to Briar Point and for all your “treats” for us.

Looking Forward to Vacation at Briar Point

Denise 7/20/14. Email. Was just talking about you this week with the family and all were so excited to arrive at our favorite vacation spot at the end of the week! I can’t believe it’s been 4 years; seems like just yesterday we arrived for our first glimpse of your beautiful home. Will tease my mom with the fact that you have some surprises at the house for this year…she’s the most excited of course…but the kids are bouncing off the walls since they can’t wait to arrive at the house. It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year and we are blessed to have found such a beautiful home that you allow us to be a part of year after year. See you soon…keep your fingers crossed for great weather. My mom wants to make sure she gets her fill of the beach each day as always.

Absolutely Fabulous!

Jenny and Jon from Milford, MI. 7/4- 7/11/14. Vacationer submitted/HomeAway. The pictures don’t do the house justice. The rooms are spacious and the landscaping is just immaculate and beautiful. We were a party of 11 and there were plenty of rooms and areas for us to relax. My family and I have been renting large vacation homes all over the USA and Canada for the past 8 years and this home is by far the CLEANEST and best maintained home. My favorite room was the kitchen with the modern appliances. There were enough pots and pans to cook with and more than enough plates and cups for our family to use throughout the day without constantly washing dishes. The view form the deck and bedrooms is beautiful, the pool is large enough for kids and adults to play in and our hosts, Chris and Luima, were very hospitable and helpful in making the most of our stay. We felt comfortable and “at home” in this grand house. I highly recommend this home and hope to be back next year.

Wonderful Vacation on the Cape

Grace and Paul from Guilford, CT. 6/20- 6/27/14. Vacationer submitted review/VRBO. We had a fantastic week at your lovely home. Everything was just as described and could not have been more perfect including the weather. We throughly enjoyed the pool and nearby beach and had plenty of room for everyone. We want to thank you and Luima for all your attention to every detail and your clam chowder was the best!! We look forward to visiting again soon!

A Real Pleasure Dealing with You

Grace and Paul from Guilford, CT. 6/20-6/27/14. From: Email 7/10/14 Chris & Luima- Thank you for returning the security deposit so promptly. It has been a real pleasure dealing with you and we really did have a wonderful time at your lovely home. I wanted to let you know , I just posted our review, it said it could take 7 days to post. Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and we look forward to another visit in the future. Thanks again for everything and especially the chowder!

Kids loved every minute!

Pat and Tom: September 6, 2013 (from Guest Book) 9/6-9/13/13. Thank you Chris & Luima! We loved our week at your beautiful house. The peacefulness of the water views and birds singing from the back deck were extra special and the pool really made the vacation special. The kids loved every minute! Thank you also for he hotel like attention you give to every detail and service. See you again! Click here to see the Guest Book Entry

Wonderful vacation in every way.

Pat and Tom: 9/6-9/13/13 (from Guest Book) Thank you Luima and Chris- We had such a wonderful vacation thanks to you! Your home & accommodations are fabulous- the views, pool, flowers and delicious chowder made everything just extra special! Once again, many thanks for a terrific vacation! All the best…. Click here to see the Guest Book Entry

Perfect with Lobsters

Margot: August 30, 2013 (from email) 8/30-9/6/13. Chris- Thanks for the delicious chowder. It was perfect with our lobsters last night. Thanks for everything…

Personal Touches

Susan: August 9, 2013 (from email) 8/13/13. Dear Chris and Luima- Thank you so much for the amazing clam chowder! Everyone thought it was the best they have ever had! We all appreciate the personal touches that you have provided….from the fresh flowers….to the delicious clam chowder. All of this, along with your gorgeous home, have made this a very special family vacation for us. Best.

Exceeded all Expectations!

Susan, Bob, Sarah and Steve: August 9, 2013 (from Guest Book) 8/9-8/16/13. Dear Luima and Chris- Briar Point exceeded all expectations! The pride you have in your home shows up in all the details….from fresh flowers to amazing clam chowder! We had a wonderful anniversary celebration with our children & grandchildren….all in the most perfect setting. We never tired of the view from the back deck….constantly changing, always gorgeous. Thank you so much for making it so special for us. We hope to return next year. All the best. Click here to see the Guest Book Entry

Look Forward to a Return Visit

Susan: August 9, 2013 (from email) 8/9-8/16/13. Hi Chris- We arrived home with lots of wonderful memories of Briar Point and our vacation. Thank you for being so prompt with processing the return of the security deposit. It truely was a pleasure….from the initial contact with you through the final steps. We couldn’t have been happier and will look forward to a return viist with eather friends of family. BTW….I did meet Luima on our way out today! She is lovely!

Pool Made the Vacation

Mike, Sharon and family: August 2, 2013 (from Guest Book) 8/2-8/9/13. Thank you Chris & Luima! We loved our week at your beautiful house. The peacefulness of the water views and listening to the birds singing from the back deck was special and the pool really made the vacation. The kids loved every minute! Thank you also for the hotel like attention you give to every detail and service. See you again!

Returning to Briar Point

Denise: July 26, 2013 (from email) 7/26- 8/2/13. Hi Chris- The whole family has been talking about the trip to the Cape for months. The kids think it has been forever since they were at the Cape last and are so excited to get back to the house to play, swim and just enjoy the vacation time with the whole family. Looking forward to seeing both of you and am sure that the house is in pristine condition as always with many of those wonderful little touches that Luima and you do that make us (and so many others) feel right at home.

Never Wants to Leave!

Pat: July 26, 2013 (from Guest Book) 7/26-8/2/13. Chris & Luima- Never disappointed, everything was beautiful. The weather turned out great and the beach was wonderful. My grandson said he never wants to leave this house! Have a great year and thank you. Hope to see you again next year!

Week with Family

Bill and Evelyn: July 19, 2013 (from Guest Book) 7/19- 7/26/13. Lovely, lovely, lovely. What a lovely home. Very relaxing, enjoyable week with our family.

Slice of Heaven!

Francoise: July 19, 2013 (from Guest Book) 7/19- 7/26/13. A perfect little slice of heaven! Had a wondeful week….the marsh, the pool. the birds and sun! Hope to return someday. Many thanks!

Briar Point was a “Charm”

Don and Barb: July 12, 2013 (from Guest Book) 7/12-719/13. Dear Luima and Chris- Well, our third time at Briar Point was certainly a “charm”. Briar Point continues to get better with age- your consistant improvements are much appreciated. The garage/playroom is a great concept and the kids really enjoyed it. An especially nice treat this year was your gift of clam chowder. It was delicious and everyone really loved it- it didn’t last long! The week was perfect in every repect. We continued to make our “memories”. We miss Briar Point already and can’t wait until our next visit. Our best to you both until then. Click here to see the Guest Book Entry

Our Summer Home

Nancy and Claude: June 21, 2013 (from Guest Book) 6/21- 7/5/13. Dear Chris and Luima- Another wonderful two weeks at Briar Point. You make us so welcome we almost think of this as our summer home. Thank you again for the amazing clam chowder. So glad you enjoyed the ‘chada’. We are already anticipating our fourth summer here. Christine and Bob will see you again in the Fall and all of us will be here next August. Click here to see the Guest Book Entry

Love the House!

Tim: June 7, 2013 (from email) 6/7-6/14/13. Christopher- We love the house! Looking forward to a relaxing week….

Exquisitely maintained Property

Marc Cooper: May 31, 2013 (from Guest Book) 5/31-6/7/13. Dear Chris and Luima- My week here at Briar Point was wonderful, relaxing and peaceful. I appreciate all of the attention to detail and the beautiful exquisitely maintained property. I hope to visit again.

Very Special Retreat

Fran and Art: September 24, 2012 (from email) 9/24- 10/8/12. Dear Chris and Luima- Thank you very much for the pretty flowers you brought yesterday. My morning swim today was a wonderful treat. I am so very appreciative that you have left the pool on and heated for me. I must have been in for an hour thinking what a very lucky lady I am to be at beautiful Briar Point. Thank you for all you have done to make this spot a very special retreat! How we have enjoyed the water views and sounds of nature, your beautiful gardens and all the great special features of the house. We are thankful to be spending a second week. This is the very first time that we have stayed in one place for a two week vacation and it is wonderfully relaxing! Best……

We Will Treasure Wonderful Memories

Fran and Art: September 24, 2012 (from Guest Book) 9/24- 10/8/12. Dear Chris and Luima- Our two weeks staying at Briar Point have been wonderfully relaxing and restorative and we very much appreciate your kind hospitality and all your hard work that makes your home and property so lovely! Thank you! It is such a treat to wake up in the oh-so-comfortable king bed, open the blinds to admire the yard and view and head for the pool for a delightful swim. How lucky we are to be able to swim outside in October! Watching the butterflies and the waterfall cascading over the rocks and listening to its soothing sounds while swimming always gets the day off to a good start. Eating at Napi’s (Provincetown) was fun…we liked the food and the funky decoratons and even had a chance to chat with the owner. Thank you for the recommendation. We spent days exploring neighboring towns, beaches, nature preserves, shops and restaurants happily eating wonderfully fresh seafood at almost every meal. Your list of good restaurants was most helpful! It surely will be hard to readjust to life at home but we will treasure wonderful memories and hope to return. Best…

Mother’s Recipe

Fran and Art: September 22, 2012 (from email) 9/24- 10/8/12. Dear Chris and Luima- The clam chowder you made for us was very deliccious…such a nice treat! Thank you for all your hard work in providing it for us. We are most appreciative and we also really enjoyed our visit with you. I plan to copy your mother’s recipe, Chris, and will think of both of you when I use it back in PA. As you know, we are enjoying every moment here at beautiful Briar Point…rainy or not! Best wishes…

Slow Dance of the Marsh Grass

Diane: September 8, 2012 (from email) 9/8/12- 9/15/12. (Remembrance of a special 2012 vacation to repeat in 2013) Chris and Luima- I don’t know which I look forward to more…sitting on the deck watching the slow dance of the suble changing hues of the marsh grass as the sun begins to set or slipping away into the magical heated pool in the cool of the evening to float and mediate. Each of these scenes have become my favorite visualizations over this last year when I need to settle myself and feel a sense of peace and appreciation. Of course, seeing my mom smilling and reliving old Cape memeories from her past is pretty special too. I can’t tell you how much we are both looking forward to our stay at Briar Point.

Bettered Any 5 Star Hotel!

Diane and Alice: September 8, 2012 (from Guest Book) 9/8- 9/15/12. You had us at “hello”!! Hello view (the most interesting/changing scenery…like our own private magical kingdom right off the deck). Hello pool….a magical sanctuary. Hello TV that put us right into the middle of the moviews we watched on your premium channels…and hello landscaping and decorating that bettered any 5 star hotel! As Alice said “they even edged the marsh grass out in the inlet!” Thank you for going the extra mile for us- we can tell you both take great pride and joy in making us happy! Click here to see the Guest Book Entry

A Very Special 93rd Birthday Vacation

Alice: September 8, 2012 (from card) 9/8- 9/15/12. Dear Friends- Forgive the writing; just want to thank you a hundred fold for such a lovely vacation. Also, Chris, thank you for the wonderful hat surprise! Hope you have a nice winter. Also, thanks for the lovely chowder! Much love.

Place Looks Fantastic!

Casey: September 1, 2012 (from email on arrival) 9/1/12. Hey Chris- Got here around 4. Place looks fantastic. Pictures do not do it justice. Kind of glad as it might have been booked before we decided to come!

Entire House was Spotless

Casey: September 1, 2012 (from email) 9/1- 9/8. Hey Chris- Thanks again for everything up at Briar Point. The place looked even better in person than in the pictures and your attention to detail was outstanding. The entire house was spotless and we really felt at home and provided a much needed getaway. It is obvious that you and Luima work extremely hard and take great pride in the property and it shows. The only disappointment was that I didn’t bring more family members along to enjoy! Thanks again and will be in touch.

The Perfect Cape Cod Lodging

Mike and Pam: August 25, 2012 (from email) 8/25- 9/1/12. Dear Christopher and Luima- A brief note to let you know you did a great job of providing our family with the perfect Cape Cod lodging. We were so fortunate to spend the week in Orleans and even more fortunate to spend the week at Briar Point. The home accommodated our family of 13 so beautifully. We had room to spread out, allow the children to nap, swim in the lovely pool, make gourmet dinners in the state of the art kitchen, grill on the amazing deck overlooking the lovely grounds and ocean and we were were even lucky enough to spend the night on the deck watching the blue moon rise over the Atlantic. Our best to you both on your continued success as proprietors of Briar Point. We look forward to our next visit. Thank you again for running a class act operation. Best…

Hospitality is Appreciated

Denny and Shirley: August 17, 2012 (from Guest Book) 8/17- 8/24/12. Chris and Luima- Our family, 12 of us, from ages 7-69 had a GREAT time! We loved the Town of Orleans and Briar Point is AWESOME. Highlights for us were clamming with the two of you, eating your delicious clam chowder (thank you), tuna fishing, going to the beach, eating out on the dock in Hyannisport (Baxter’s Restaurant), swimming in the Briar Point pool, meals and happy hour on the scenic deck and relaxing at your beautiful rental home. Your hospitality is much appreciated.

Wonderful 70th Birthday!

Esther: August 10, 2012 (from Guest Book) 8/10- 8/17/12. Chris and Luima- My family (all 15 of us!) had a wonderful time. Your home is beautiful, spacious and the view is just spectacular! Thank you for the delicious chowder and your organic vegetables. The flowers were a much appreciated touch and the landscaping just made this feel like a home away from home. I had a wondeful extended 70th birthday. I am glad I found your home online. My entire family said that this is a memorable vacation for them. Jerry and I truely relaxed. Click here to see the Guest Book Entry

Good Times at Briar Point

Bonnie: August 3, 2012 (from email) 8/3- 8/10/12. Hi Chris and Luima- Everyone is having a fabulous time, as usual!! Thank you so much for the veggies… they are beautiful AND delicious! I went to the Drive In in Wellfleet last night…surprisingly it was wonderful…haven’t done that in more years than i care to count!!! Thank you for making everything so wonderful! Love and Peace..

Just Like I Expected

Denise, Pat and John: July 27, 2012 (from Guest Book) 7/27- 8/3/12. Chris and Luima- Just like I expected, everything was beautiful; the grounds and pool area are gorgeous! My grand-children are very upset to be leaving as am I- could stay here a month. The weather turned out just fine and the beach was wonderful! Have a great year and we willl see you next July.

Great Get-away with our Son

Joan, Rich and Matthew: July 20, 2012 (from Guest Book) 7/20- 7/27. Chris and Luima- Thank you for a great week long get-away with our son and his twenty-something friends. Nights on the deck accompanied by their guitars playing were perfect. All your advise was well taken- we rented a boat to see the seals, rented kayaks to play, took a ferry to Nantucket and visited P-town for incredible Bloody Marys at the Lobster Pot. Thanks for all the recommendations! Finally, thank you for the flowers, the chowder and all the extra touches.

The Spanish Coast on Cape Cod

Dave and Sheri: July 13, 2012 (from Guest Book) 7/13- 7/20. Dear Luima and Chris- Briar Point is a beautiful spot! You made it possible to bring the Spanish coast to Cape Cod and we enjoyed a wonderful week. The surrounding area, the beach, the views and, of course, your home were all perfect. If your South American travels ever take you to Chile, make sure to give us a call so that we can give you some pointers…..

Briar Point Kindred Spirit Tea Drinkers

Christine and Bob: June 29, 2012 (from email) 6/29- 7/6. Dear Chris and Luima- We are very glad you enjoyed the refreshments we left for you! We had another wonderful saty at Briar Point and look forward to future visits. I wanted to let you know that you did not have to secure the tea pot on my account. I thought of it as a donation to the house- please feel free to leave it out for other guests. Maybe there is another kindred spirit tea drinker vacationing there!

Two Weeks this Year!

Claude and Nancy: June 29, 2012 (from Guest Book) 6/29- 7/13. Dear Chris & Luima- Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us. We were so happy to be able to enjoy two weeks this year. We loved the yummy vegetables from your garden and the clam chowder was amazing. We so appreciate your generosity. Only wish we could spend the entire summer here. We look forward to comimg again next year. Fondly. Click here to see the Guest Book Entry

Back Again after Seven Years!

Andy and Anne: June 15, 2012 (from Guest Book) 6/15- 6/22/12. Dear Chris and Luima- Writing again after our stay seven years ago! Your property is still magnificent- felt like coming home. Great weather- we set a heat record yesterday, I believe…..96 degrees in Boston? Ocean water cold first couple of days- and it felt great Wednesday and Thursday. Returning to your beautiful pool after a day @ beach is our favorite. Andrew’s working in NH this summer, but Maggie, Jack, Andy and I enjoyed every minute. Biking was fun, Andy loved the fishing, of course, and …..the chowder last night….YUM! See you soon. Many thanks.

Delicious Clam Chowder

Dianne and Ed: May 25, 2012 (from email) Grand Opening: Memorial Day Week. Email to Luima and Chris- Thanks for the DELICIOUS clam chowder. We loved it!! It was so kind of you to make it for us. Our kids said it was the best clam chowder they have had. We had a wonderful time at your lovely house. The view was gorgeous and we enjoyed the pool. Thank you again for all the extra touches that made our week at Briar Point memorable.

Little Touches

Dianne, Ed & Family: May 25, 2012 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- Our family had such a wonderful week at your beautiful home at Briar Point. We enjoyed cooking in the fabulous kitchen & the little details such as the kissing fish salt/pepper shakers, the old cookbooks & the fully stocked kitchen with all the cookware. Everyone enjoyed the pool which was great for our small grandchildren as well as adults. The little touches such as the fresh flowers, the toiletries & most of all the delicious fresh clam chowder you made- all added to our relaxing week. We look forward to vacationing at Briar Point in the the future. Click here to see the Guest Book Entry

Three Generations at Briar Point

Laura & Xavier P from Huntington, NY: August 19, 2011 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- The only bad thing about staying at this beautiful house is that eventually we had to go home! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Briar Point. We had three generations here and there is something for everyone. Plenty of things for the children especialy- and it’s a great hide and seek house! We will always have fond memories of our stay at Briar Point.

Kids Loved the Waterfall!

Pat (Denise's mom): August 16, 2011 (from Guest Book) Thank you so much for letting us enjoy your wonderful home. My grand-children kept saying- “Nani this a really nice place”. The grounds and the pool were amazing; the kids loved the waterfall! The weather turned out great and the week just flew by. Hope to see you next year….

Pre-Vacation Anticipation

Denise: August 12, 2011 (from email) Chris and Luima- I can’t believe it’s vacation time already. Looking forward to getting up to the house tomorrow and starting what I’m sure is to be one of the best times we’ve had on the Cape given all the rave reviews I’ve been seeing about trips this year to your home. Thank you for all the emails and thinking of all the little details. You guys are thorough to say the least. I feel at home already. I have forwarded the details to my mom in hopes it will prevent her from overpacking as she does every year.

Felt So at Home

Denise: August 12, 2011 (from email) Thank you for a wonderful stay. The family felt so at home and welcomed at every turn. Tears at leaving but smiles when we said we’d all love to come back again next year. Left you a small gift (mum plant) to say thank you and remember us ’till next year! P.S. Love to go clamming next year- they were amazing- best ever!

Best View and Accommodations on the Cape

Doug & Margaret from Chatham, NJ: August 5, 2011 (from Guest Book) Thank you so much for yet another perfect stay! We greatly appreciate your personal touches and can’t thank you enough for the clams and chowder. We will certainly be back and look forward to another relaxing week enjoying the best view and accommodations on the cape.

We Look Forward to Coming Back All Year!

Black: August 5, 2011 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- Another great vacation at Briar Point! We looked forward to coming back all year and it never disappoints. The weather broke and it was a beautiful week. Thanks for all the personal touches and effort…the best clam chowder we ever had! It was wonderful to be together as a family here- sometimes it’s hard to even leave the back deck on the property. It’s so beautiful!! We’ll certainly be back for another wonderful vacation! Click here to see the Guest Book Entry

Never Lasts Long Enough!

Bonnie: August 1, 2011 (from email) Hi Chris- Everyone had a wonderful time this past week….sorry to see it end….never lasts long enough!

Memories Retold over the Years

Michael and Anne: July 15, 2011 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- Many, many thnaks for sharing your beautiful home with our family. It’s a spectacular, ultra-comfy setting for memories that will be retold over the years. “Remember the marsh?..the red-winge blackbirds?…the banks of daylilies?…the pool with the waterfall?…watching “Tom and Jerry” with Grandpa, on the big screen?…cooking in that super kitchen?” We’re very grateful. From Julie: “breathtaking views! Amazing house!

Second Visits

Donald and Barbara: July 8, 2011 (from Guest Book) Chris and Luima- Sometimes, second visits do not measure up to the “first experience”. Happily, that was not the case with our return trip to Briar Point. This trip was as good as, if not better than, our visit two years ago. OK- better than! The home and grounds are as beautiful as ever. Your improvements are most welcome; the kids loved the new 60″ TV! We really look forward to our next trip to your beautiful home. We made some great “memories” and look forward to making many more.

Right at Home!

David and Holly: July 8, 2011 Chris and Luima- You made us feel right at home. Thanks for making our visit so nice. Mary, Sarah, Eve, Emily, Andrew, Ryan, Kisten (3 months), Don, Barb, David, Holly, Mike, Debbie, Randy adn Kathy.

Awesome Three Weeks

Caren & Dr. Michael: June 17, 2011 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- We can’t begin to describe how awesome these three weeks have been! It was hard to know whether or not to leave the house each day since it was so beautiful. We could sit on the back porch and just watch the tides come and go into Pochet Inlet all day! Our guests were equally “awed” by the view, the pool, the house and its history. The grounds are simply magnificent, especially when the boys found the bird’s nest filled with babies on the hedge. And then we saw an otter in the front yard! You are truely an amazing couple that care very much for your house and it shows! It was our pleasure to have you as landlords and friends. Your wealth of knowledge of the area was invaluable and we enjoyed all the talks. It is sad to leave this handsome home and hopefully we will see it and you again in the future!

Beautiful Views of the Atlantic

Catalano: June 10, 2011 (from HomeAway)

My husband and I go to the Cape each year and stay in waterfront properties. Briar Point in Orleans surpasses them all! There are great views from every room in the house. The two master bedrooms on opposite ends of the house allow for plenty of friends and family to visit. All beds are oversized and nicely appointed compared to what is normally found in waterfront rentals. The entire home provides for a tranquil visit. The heated pool is beautiful and far enough away from the house so that those using the pool do not bother those relaxing inside the house.

Recommended for: Age 55+, Adventure Seekers, Sightseeing, Families with Teenagers, Romantic Getaway

My Response Luima and I are so glad to hear that you enjoyed your vacation! Our greatest reward is to know that you appreciate the work and planning that goes into the preparation of Briar Point each year. We are responsible for all aspects of maintenance–the expansive gardens, heated pool with waterfall, sweet smelling linens, house cleaning and decorating; we do it all. In this way we are assured that the job is done correctly and you will enjoy your vacation to its fullest. Thank you so much for your review!

Remarkable Attention to Detail

Claude and Nancy Lussier: June 3, 2011 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- We have had a wonderful week in your beautiful home. The attention to detail both inside and outside is remarkable! We wanted for nothing, especially once Chris brought up the rocking chair for Claude. The girls so enjoyed exploring every inch of the grounds and taking note of all the lovely flowers. They also loved the pool as did the grandchildren, even baby Bryce in the yellow baby float seat. We look foward to another visit in the future. Thank you so much.

Vacation Hurricane!

Samuel and Francine: August 20, 2010 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- Despite rains when we came and a hurricane when we left, we had a glorious vacation. Your home is beautiful and we thank you for your care for every detail. We loved the tomatoes, along with all the other delicious parts of your grounds. Thank you so much for making our two week stay perfect.

Views Beyond Breathtaking!

Whitman: August 13, 2010 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- Thank you so much for the beautiful accommodations! The views are beyond breathtaking, the grounds impeccable, the home so warm and welcoming, the pool area beautiful and the fresh veggies a delightful treat!! We have enjoyed our stay and hate for it to have to come to an end. Thank you again!

Extra added touches.

Black: August 6, 2010 (from Guest Book) Chris and Luima- Another great week here at your lovely home! We appreciate all the effort you two make to make your guests feel so comfortable and welcome. The extra added touches…the clams, the vegetables, the flowers and the special other touches truly separtate this vacation home from any others. We look forward to another stay next summer. Thanks so much…

Great Time- Again!

Bonnie: July 30, 2010 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- We wanted to tell you what a great time we had again this year at your amazing home. We spent several days at Skaket beach catching fiddler, spider, green, hermit and sand crabs. The boys (and their Dads) loved it. Several of us also enjoyed riding bikes on the rail trail from Harwich to Eastham and stopping often at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow. We enjoyed several family breakfasts and dinners using your incredible stove with built-in skillet and outside gas grill. We came up with any excuse we could find to use the skillet. The ping-pong table was a hit as usual and even the 2 a.m. sprinklers did not keep us from playing deep into the night. Looking forward to next year! Thank you. Thank you.

Lasting Memories

Kathleen and Damon: July 23, 2010 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- Thank you for opening your beautiful home to us. We felt as if we were at home and so comfortable. We have created lasting memories and hope to come back next year! The fresh veggies were out of sight! Just what we were hoping to have, fresh tomatoes- yum! Also the freshly cut flowers were a nice touch!

Five Star home!

Tracy and James: July 2, 2010 (from Guest Book) Chris and Luima- Thanks so much for making our vacation at your five star home the best we have ever had. You offer everything for all ages to enjoy. Your well-appointed home plus the spectacular landscaping provided more enjoyment than we could have expected. Be rest assured that we will recommend Briar Point to our friends and that we hope to return again. P.S. The veggies were so good!! Thank you!

Morning breakfast on the deck.

Carla and Anthony: June 4, 2010 (from Guest Book) Mr. and Mrs. Frey- Your home and grounds are just beautiful! The kids really enjoyed swimming in the pool and I loved having breakfast on the deck every morning while reading “The Old Man and the Sea” and “Cape Cod Stories” (both borrowed form your library). The kitchen was also well supplied and spacious, making meal preparation an ease! Thanks again for having us, we have enjoyed our Cape vacation!

A wonderful week.

Woody and Linda: September 4, 2009 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- Your Orleans home is absolutely beautiful! We have enjoyed a wonderful week with great weather. The view from the deck is magnificent. The grounds are impeccable. The interior is superb. The pool a unique and enjoyable experience. We were all so comfortable! We appreciate your great hospitality and especially want to thank you and Luima for the lovely hydrangeas that will grace our homes in Middleboro. We hope to have the opportunity to come back and experience the joys of Briar Point in the future. 9 happy people and 1 cripple leave stisfied today!

Excellent hosts!

Bonnie: August 7, 2009 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- We wanted you to know what a great time we had this year at your beautiful home. Everyone had a favorite- the kids loved the pool, the adults loved the view, and Pat and I loved the ping-pong table (our nightly tournament kept the whole house awake!). You are excellent hosts and we look forward to seeing you again next summer.

Only surprises were positive ones!

Doug and Margaret: August 1, 2009 (from email) I just wanted to draft you a quick email to thank you both for a wonderful two weeks. Your home and grounds are remarkable and we truely appreciate your attention ot detail and personal touches. Everyone has been converted from Wellfleet oysters to cherrystone clams! We’ve been renting beautiful vacation homes for 15 years and I’ve never seen a better equipped one. The only surprises were positive ones and that is just so rare.

Attention to detail and personal touches!

Doug ad Margaret: July 24, 2009 (from Guest Book) Chris and Luima- What a wonderful home you have here…We have enjoyed these last 2 weeks so much! The view & beauty of your home is matched only by your attention to detail. You have the personal touches; we especially enjoyed the grounds & fresh cut flowers! Wonderful memories for our family.

Meticulously furnished and equiped!

Woody and Linda: July 17, 2009 (from Guest Book) Thank you, Chris and Luima, for the thoughtful, meticulous way you have furnished & equipped your lovely home. The kitchen is the best equipped we’ve ever had, the whole house (inside and out) so carefully furnished, and the view…..Ah, the view! Thanks for helping to make memories for yet another family reunion. Being here also brought back wonderful memories of my (Linda’s) summers on the Cape as a teen- as well as many past family memories. A delight- Thank you!

Briar Point- A labor of love!

Don and Barb: July 10, 2009 (from Guest Book) Chris and Luima- It is obvious that Briar Point is not just a rental property to you, but a labor of love. The pride you have in this home shows in each meticulous detail- the manicured grounds, the flowers (both outside and those awaiting our arrival inside), the play set, the pool (oh, the beautiful pool!), the decorating- all contribute to the property being the best vacation house we have ever seen. Add to this the absolutely breathtaking view and you have the perfect location. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. We had a wonderful time “making memories”!

Thoughtfully laid out house.

Elizabeth and Alfred: June 26, 2009 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- Thank you for the wonderful locale for our vacation. The house is beautiful and very thoughtfully laid out and provisioned. We also enjoyed Orleans- It’s very charming!

Truely a house with a view!

Robert and Beverly: September 13, 2008 (from Guest Book) Thank you so much for a wonderful setting for our annual family vacation. Everyone raved about how well they slept every night and the two little grandchildren loved the jungle gym, the pool and the wood box (a great hide & seek spot!). Your home is lovely and felt as well equipped and comfortable as our own! We had a great week and made many wonderful memories at our “vacation house”. It is truely a house with a view!

It gets better and better!

Karen and Gian: August 15, 2008 (from note) Dear Chris and Luima- Thank you for another wonderful vacation. It just gets better and better! Best wishes.

Wonderful week.

Neil and Anjini: August 8, 2008 (from Guest Book) Thanks for a wonderful week venue for our Cape family vacation! We had a great time. The house is perfect for kids and adults alike. We hope to be back soon.

Lap of Luxury

Bonnie: August 1, 2008 (from Guest Book) Your home is absolutely gorgeous! The view, the pool and the tastefully decorated rooms made us feel that we were in the lap of luxury. Our 8-year old said it best one night as he was falling asleep…”I wish we could live here forever…either that or I wish I had never even seen it.” You have ruined all other houses for us! Thank you for all of your thoughtful touches!

Absolutely beautiful!

Catherine and Robert: July 25, 2008 (from Guest Book) Absolutely Beautiful and Absolutely Returnable. God Bless you Both!

Had to be dragged away.

Kellys: July 11, 2008 (from note) Chris and Luima- Your testimonials hold true- we had to be dragged away- didn’t want to leave. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

An absolute pleasure!

Dominic and Kim: August 30, 2007 (from Guest Book) Mr. and Mrs. Frey- It was an absolute pleasure staying at Briar Point. Everything was great! We all enjoyed it so much we look forward to booking 2008. We love the fact you pay much attention to keeping up your property.

It felt like home!

Steve and Ellie: August 17, 2007 (from Guest Book) Thanks so much for allowing us to use your home for our family vacation. We made lots of memories here. The house was perfect- you thought of everything. The pool was fabulous- no one felt deprived when we left the beach ’cause we came home to the pool! Plenty of room for the kids and the adults- no one got in the way of anyonne else. Best complement we pay you is – it felt like home! The landscaping, the kitchen… it was all great. Thanks for checking in on us to see if we needed anything, etc. Wonderful time! All the best.

Wonderful piece of paradise!

Mike and Kathy: July 27, 2007 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- Feels just like home here, it is certainly a wonderful piece of paradise. All my grandchildren and children were with us, all had a great time. Great memories are made here. Thank you for your friendly hospitality. All the best to you and your family.

Beautiful house, pool and view

Helen and Richard: July 6, 2007 (from Guest Book) Thank you for two great weeks on the Cape. The house, the pool and the view were all beautiful. I believe the kids will miss the pool the most while the adults will miss laying on the couches and watching TV. Next time if you could guarantee only victories by the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins, so we didn’t have to hear grumblingss by my bro-in-law and older brother repectively we’d appreciate it. Thanks again.

The perfect Cape Cod home

Karen and Gian: June 22, 2007 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- Thank you for giving us the perfect location for our wonderful summer vacation. You always know a house is fabulous when you spend all of your days “on compus” because it’s just too beautiful to leave. We all enjoyed your breaktaking view, relaxing set-up, gorgeous pool and friendly hospitality. This is the perfect Cape Cod home and we can’t wait to sign up for next year. Please let us know when you start taking reservations! All the best.

Fabulous Home Base

Yoo: 7/21/06 (from Guest Book) We all had a wonderful week in Orleans and your house provided a fabulous home base. There was plenty of room for all and the children especially enjoyed the pool. We all found it very refreshing to stay in a rented house as lovely as this one. Thanks for your thoughtful hospitality. We don’t want to go back the the “real World”.

The perfect escape!

Jennifer and Robert: July 21, 2006 (from Guest Book) Thank you for sharing your beautiful home & wonderful hospitality with us! Our vacation was everything we had hoped for- beautiful home, time spent with friends & family, lazy days at the beach and afternoons lounging at the pool. And the weather was ideal. The perfect escape! Your attention to detail really made all the difference. We have rented at the Cape /Islands for many years & this was certainly the nicest experience.

Three Families

Peter and Leslie: 7/7/06 (from Guest Book) Excellent house for three families- perfect gardens. We had a great time and will return.

Family Reunion

Alpert: 6/30/06 (from Guest Book) You provided the ideal setting for our multi-generatonal Cape Cod experience and the setting made the less-than-perfect weather less problematic.

Family Reunion

Marie and Ursula: 6/23/06 (from Guest Book) Had the best family reunion ever in such beautiful surroundings! Most of the week the weather was great. Pool is lovely and warm.

Beautiful House!

Gina and Joe: 6/16/06 (from Guest Book) Your beautiful house made for a wonderful week- the great weather wasn’t bad either! Your property has provided some precious memories for our families! Thank you.

“Home Away from Home”

Andrew: 8/19/05 (from Guest Book) Dear Chris and Luima- Thank you for providing such a spectacular “home away from home” for our two weeks. What a treat to have all this space, gorgeous view and….THE POOL!! With perfect weather and your kindness and attention to detail we could not have enjoyed our vacation more!!

Spectacular Home

Stephen: 7/8/05 (from Guest Book) Terrific week in a spectacular home- we enjoyed ourselves immensely! We’ll be back! Thank you for sharing your beautiful place with us..

Amazing View!

Michael: 7/1/05 (from Guest Book) We all so enjoyed your beautiful house- most amazing view we’ve ever seen. Lovely house- provided all we could possibly need! Wonderful vacation!

Magnificent home!

Bratens: 8/21/04 (from card) Thank you for allowing us the privilege of renting your magnificent home. The accomodations were perfect for our 3 families. The large-sized rooms gave all the needed space while the breahtaking view of Pochet Inlet & the manicured gardens were relaxing and pleasing to the eye. Of course the pool made the entire setting perfect and was greatly enjoyed by the children. Your home has created the ideal relaxing setting for us away from he hubbub of our everyday, hectic lives. Even the location was easy enough for us to navigate. We found activities for children and adults especially the females who shopped ’til they dropped. All in all we had a wonderful week. Thanks again. Our best.

Most memorable stay in 35 years!

Blanchfield: 8/21/04 (from Guest Book) Dear Mr. & Mrs. Frey- Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us to make it the most memorable stay in the 35 years we have been coming to the Cape. The accommodations were truly elegant and the view breathtaking to say the least. May you enjoy health and happiness for many years to come.

Convenient Home and Location

Russells: August 13, 2004 (from Guest Book) A wonderfully convenient home and location. The pool was a wonderful addition. Our family really enjoyed your home and thoughtfulness. Thanks for everything..

Second stay Better than the First

Cronins: 7/3/04 (from Guest Book) Our second stay at Briar Point and it was even better than the first. We love the addition of the pool, the kids will miss their morning swimm. Thank you for providing us with a great summer home away from home. See you next year.

Wonderful Beach House!

Adrians: 6/26/04 (from Guest Book) We had a lovely family reunion here at your wonderful beach house. Beautiful views.

Convenient Location, Amazing View

Vitales: 8/16/03 (from Guest Book) Thanks for making your beautiful home our home for a week. We had a great time- wonderful location- convenient to everything- amazing view. We had a memorable vacation.

Beautiful Pool!

Hoffman: 8/9/03 (from Guest Book) Thank you for a wonderful time! The house is even better than last year- the pool is beautiful! We hope to see you again next summer.

Best house we’ve stayed in!

Hoffman: 8/9/03 (from Guest Book) Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home with us. Our families loved the beautiful house and all the luxuries it offered. We’ve visted the Cape several times but unanimously agreed that this was the best house we’ve stayed in!

An owner who really cares!

Marshalls: 7/19/03 (from Guest Book) Great house, great view- and an owner who really cares avout the comfort and well-being of his guests! Our family had the best time. Oh yes- the lobsters. There may still be a few left.

Perfect Vacation Spot

Joy: 7/4/03 (from note) Mr. and Mrs. Frey- Thank you for a lovely stay, your home is a perfect vacation spot for our family. We will speak with the real estate office about a two week stay next summer. Have a wonderful summer and good luck with the rest of your project.
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