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Rental Policies & Lease

Below is a summary of the policies outlined in our formal lease agreement. This page is meant as an overview only, the lease you are expected to sign contains additional details designed to protect both yours and the landlord’s rights. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us!

  1. Check-in time: 3:00 p.m., check-out time: 10 a.m.
  2. A Damage/Security deposit will be required on each property. Briar Point; $1,000. #11 Freeman Lane: $500.
  3. Occupancy may not exceed maximum occupancy of property without additional charges (13 persons for Briar Point, 7 persons for Freeman Lane)
  4. No more than three cars are allowed at Briar Point and two cars at Freeman Lane without prior written permission of the landlord.
  5. No pets or animals are allowed on the premises. In the event that any pets (or residue of pets) are viewed on the premises, the damage/security deposit will be forfeited in its entirety.
  6. The properties may not be used for functions or gatherings involving more than the maximum occupancy in the rental contract unless permission is granted by the landlord and an additional agreed upon rental fee is paid prior to occupancy.
  7. No smoking is allowed within any of the buildings. Smoking is allowed outdoors.
  8. We supply bed linens and bath towels, but not beach towels.
  9. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times in and around the pool area. We are not responsible for any accident, injury or damage caused around this area if resulting from failure to comply with this policy. The tenant is responsible for locking the pool gates at Briar Point.
  10. The tenant is responsible for maintaining the rental in a clean condition during occupancy and must leave it in the same approximate condition as when they checked-in. The tenant is responsible for any damage, breakage, or loss to the property outside of ordinary wear and tear or damage by unavoidable casualties such as fire.
  11. If the tenant is unable to view the property prior to entering into the rental contract the landlord shall not be held responsible if the property does not meet the tenant’s expectations.
  12. The tenant may not lease or sublet, nor permit others to occupy the property without prior written approval of the landlord.
  13. The tenant must leave the keys on the dining area table prior to departure.
  14. If there is a cancellation, the tenant will forfeit the processing and/or handling fee plus a $300 cancellation fee. If the premise is re-rented for the full contract price the remaining monies held by the landlord will be returned to the tenant. If the premises is re-rented at a price lower than the full contract price the tenant will be liable to make the landlord whole by additionally forfeiting the reduced amount of rent from their deposit. The remaining monies will be returned the the tenant. If the premises is not rented the tenant will forfeit their deposit in its entirety.
  15. The tenant will be charged seventy-five dollars ($75/Freeman Lane) or one hundred dollars ($100/Briar Point) for each hour or portion of an hour that the property is occupied after the agreed upon check out time.
  16. No additional sleeping arrangements are to be brought onto the property. Pack ‘n Plays or a cribs are allowed.
  17. The rental of 11 Freeman Lane does not include the use of the two car garage.
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